What's going on at Farwick Fields...
TAYLOR CREEK YOUTH ORGANIZATION is a non-profit sports organization for kids of all ages who want to play Baseball, Softball & Soccer.
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*Ohio’s Return-to-Play Law goes into effect
on April 26th, 2013*

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Please remember...

Absolutely NO food, drinks or
are allowed to be brought
into the park!
Upcoming Events...
For all TCYO members.

2nd Tuesday of EVERY month @ 8:00pm
(Meetings will start @ 7:00pm during the
months of November-March)

If you or your child play or has played a
sport at TCYO, you are a member!

Please join us and voice your opinions
and suggestions about the club.
Kroger Community Rewards...

To All TCYO Families,

It is time to reapply or register your Kroger Plus Card for reward earnings!

1. If you don't have your Kroger Plus Card linked to TCYO yet, you can go to (
https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards). This same link will allow you to designate TCYO
#82054  the recipient of your reward donation. That is all you need to do for our group to get some free money just by shopping for your gas, prescriptions and groceries at
Kroger. TCYO will get a quarterly check that goes into our general fund. Anybody can donate to the TCYO in the same manner, not just parents. Ask all your friends and
family to help us out and do this for TCYO sports. Enrollment is for one year. We will remind you every April to update your rewards account.

2. The money really does make a difference. A typical family quarterly rewards can be anywhere from$10-$15. If every family participating at TCYO would register, the
numbers would really start to add up. It's hard to estimate what your quarterly earnings will be as it is dependent on shopping. Every little amount helps with providing Youth
sports to excel at TCYO. The Kroger Community Reward organizations can be a part of helping.

3. The Rewards number for Taylor Creek Youth Organization is #82054

Thank You from Taylor Creek Youth Organization, TCYO Coaches, members and Players.

July 20th, 2015:
Reds Kid Glove Night
Events Page for details

August 8-9, 2015:
Hotfire Memorial Pre-Season SAY Soccer

August 11th, 2015:
General Membership Meeting

August 15-16, 2015:
Hotfire Memorial Pre-Season SAY Soccer

September 15th, 2015:
General Membership Meeting

October 13th, 2015:
General Membership Meeting

November 10th, 2015:
General Membership Meeting

December 8th, 2015:
General Membership Meeting
TCYO 2015 Fall Sports Registration

Online registration is currently CLOSED.

Contact Genie Koch at rmuth@cinci.rr.com
for any available openings.
TCYO SOCCER is looking for Boys Kickers (12
and 13 year olds) and Boys Strikers (10 and 11 year

SAY Premier Players Needed!! TCYO's GU10
Premier team is looking for 5 more players.

Please contact Genie Koch at rmuth@cinci.rr.com
if interested.
Friends of TCYO,

I hope your teams had a successful spring. I wanted to reach out as we are setting up camps for next year that will be run by our
players and coaching staff. We did these camps for Cincinnati SAY EAST many years ago, but had to move away from them as were
turned our focus to growing into a professional club. They will be 4 days long from 6-8pm Monday thru Thursday. We are catering each
camp to specific groups in specific areas. We are only doing these camps for SAY kids. We are charging $35 for the camp which
includes a special Cincinnati Saints Camp t-shirt that will be designed specifically for your group. We are looking to set these up for
next summer. If there is enough interest we will plan to do a Holiday Camp in the winter for you guys as well. Same cost. Your camp
can be held at your own fields or whatever is more convenient for your group.

This is us getting back to our roots of doing community outreach work which is where we got our name the Saints. I know it probably
seems like its a long ways off but we want to start to nail down dates for the camp now so that everything is professionally done and
well planned out. We are offering your kids a chance to learn from the very best players in the area that currently play at an incredibly
high level and have played at a high level their entire career. But more than that we are offering your players to learn from good role
models and a chance to have a great time at an affordable price.

Also, I wanted to share a promotion we are running. The premise of the promotion is to give 30,000 free tickets to youth soccer players
in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Our ultimate goal would be to give each child that plays soccer in our city one free ticket each year. We
believe every child should get to see high-level soccer at least once per season regardless of socioeconomic background.

These tickets are 100% free. All I am asking is that you help me share it with parents. Here is the link to sign-up for the free tickets:  
I have also attached the promotional flyer as well.

Also finally we put out our first TV commercial & Extended cut of that commercial this year. We are pretty proud of it. Hope you wouldn't
mind spreading that around as well. Here is the link to that as well.
Congrats to TCYO's D2 Slammers on winning the Jim
Boyle Baseball Tournament! Coached by Denny Sickinger.
To anyone who wants to referee SAY soccer:

Referees must be certified. To be certified you can take one of the
following courses, or present valid certification from another district.

1) WCSC. 7/28 & 7/30. Details at www.wcsoccer.org

  Who: Everyone!
 Youth: must turn 12 years old before July 31, 2015.
 Adults: Are always welcome!

  Cost: $10.00 (includes classes and test)

  Class: Both classes are required!

 Tuesday, July 28 and Thursday July 30 from 5:30 – 8:45pm
  Location: MidPointe Public Library at Union Center
  9363 Centre Pointe Drive, West Chester Township, OH 45069

  Questions: wcref@gmail.com or info.wcsc@gmail.com
  In order to be eligible to take the test you must attend both the  
Tuesday and Thursday classes. Classes are mandatory for everyone   
that has not passed the test twice with a score greater than 90.

2) Aug 8 at Milford. See milfordsoccer.com
     Please contact Kurt Myers at Tacohouse@gmail.com if you are